What's Your Drive Thru-PUT?

Drive Thru-Put is the actual wait time and total thru-put at your drive-thru window.  Do you know yours?

Paying from the Car
Parked Cars

Give Your Managers Immediate Feedback On Drive-thru wait time

Decreasing Wait Times

Real-time actionable insights via tablet or mobile

Remote Wait Time Monitoring

See how long clients are waiting right now!


About Drive Thru-Put

Created to reduce wait times in Drive-Thru Lines

We found that there was a data point that all Drive-Thru's were missing: the actual wait customers experienced pick-up window wait time.  Our solution not only measures this time accurately but provides immediate feedback allowing managers to address the problem immediately.

Drive Thru Sign

How Drive Thru-Put Works

Simple Sonar Device Tracks Vehicle Wait Time

A small sonar device is installed in the overhang above the pick up window, and it tracks how long each car is waiting at the window.  The data is transmitted wirelessly to a dashboard that can be displayed on a tablet near the window to alert employees and management when a client has been waiting too long.  

The wait time can also be displayed on mobile devices or web browsers for owners and management to view remotely.

Rolling averages of wait time can be shown as well as average wait time by Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


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